Finally Can Catch My Breath!!

This has been a whirlwind of a month and its not even close to over yet!!

For me however I am finally able to catch my breath. But just to show you a little about what its been like for me so far here is what my schedule looked like

September 3- Last day of work at Northwood

September 4- Anatomy Scan (Gender reveal)

September 4- Breakfast with my parents then going to see me Grandma then finally getting home and calling Sean’s parents about the news

September 6- Left for Victoria because we though for sure my sister would deliver my niece early

September 6- Pedicures so my sister would have pretty feet in the delivery room

September 7&8- Watched my nephew Zack practice hockey attempted to make my sister go into labour

September 9& 10- Spent time with my sister

September 11- Went with Val to her doctors appointment and the non stress test exam, no baby and I had to leave

September 11- Head back home from Victoria

September 12- Terra’s (BFF) Rehearsal Dinner for her wedding all the way in Anacortes

September 13- Terra’s Bachelorette party

September 14- Sean and I bought high chair and stroller at Babies-R-Us

September 14- Left for Anacortes for the night with Terra

September 15- Terra’s Wedding

543447_10151573131725756_825320501_n 1185537_10151891193217392_299823550_n 1209001_10201357766440703_1120387085_n 1239871_10151894500052392_2124103117_n wpid-10151871692302392.jpg

Needless to say I am not use to being that busy all the time (good practice for when my little guy comes in January I know). It went by fast and I now get to start looking for a seasonal job until January.

My sister as of this morning has still not delivered my niece. Her due date way on the 17th and her doctors say that by next Wednesday they will talk about inducing her.


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