And it’s A….


Sean and I went into my doctor’s appointment last Wednesday where we got to spend over an hour starring at our precious little guy. The technician told us the sex right away do that made it even better for us. The look on Sean’s face was priceless. I don’t think he looked away from the screen once during that whole hour. Everything went great except our little guy was so curled up the technician could measure his head. So I had to lie on my side then got flipped upside down for a minute anything to make baby move. Well he didn’t like when I was flipped upside down and started kicking me like crazy. After I got up and used the washroom everything worked out fine. Seriously might have been  the best hour of my life so far.

We then had my actual doctor’s appointment where we pretty much got told that our son was an over achiever!!! He scored perfectly on his anatomy scan and he had low risks for any disorders. In fact the average for a pregnant women my age to have a baby with down syndrome is like 1 in 3500 and my son’s risks are 1 in over 5000!!! Go me!! And the last thing she informed us of was that my placenta was rated a 0 which is the best score you can get.

All in all our anatomy scan day was amazing and I am so happy to learn that come January Sean and I will be welcoming a little guy into our family!!!


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