I’m Having One Of Those Weeks

I am going to apologize in advance if I tend to be a little absent for a week or two. For some reason I am just not in the blogging mood. I have nothing clever to say and I don’t really want to just post something because its the “right” thing to do.

I have some great thoughts for posts that I will slowly be writing over the course of these upcoming weeks. They are the type of posts that take more then a quick hour to write out and so I have decided with the way I have been feeling this past week spending some time on some more in-depth posts where I can take me time to write them is the right choice for me.

Here is whats to come in September…

  • Post about how amazing Sean is
  • Post about finding out the sex of our little one (We find out September 4)
  • Post about the long journey my bff has taken in trying to get pregnant
  • Summer reading reivew wrap up
  • Fall reading list

On Sunday Sean and I are planning on going into Vancouver and going to the PNE so hopefully I will have a fun-filled post to share with you about that sometime next week. Until then I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!


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