Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday morningsMoving to a different Country sounds fun and exciting right!?! Well not if you are trying to transfer your drivers license. I have spent the past two weeks trying to get everything sorted out between ICBC (British Columbia’s insurance and driver’s license place) and the WA DOL (Washington States Department of Licensing) and all because the two departments are calling the same piece of paper two different things!

B.C. and WA state have this agreement between them that all you need in order to get your driver’s license is a paper stating your driving record. B.C. calls this piece of paper your driving abstract; WA calls it driving transfer (they also have a driving abstract that you can get, this is the wrong thing).

So my first attempt going to ICBC was a no go because of my health. (You can read about that here Saturday Morning Ramblings 8/4) Then I went again that following Thursday only to be told (after waiting for a half hour) that the $13 abstract record I brought was not the right paperwork. You have got to be kidding me!?! The lady at the counter told me that you could get it online and it would only cost me $13 more dollars.

Needless to say I didn’t trust that I would be able to get the right paperwork to print online. On Monday I drove down to the DOL (it was my day off and everything) only to find out that it was closed on Monday’s!!!! Seriously will anything go right for me with this?!?!? I then came back down Tuesday and waited for over an hour and a half only to walk up to the counter and get told that what I need wasn’t anything they could print off for me there. She handed me a slip of paper with the head office number on it and was directed to call them.

Obviously by this time I am getting pretty fed up with all this mess. I call the number get put on hold for twenty minutes and then within two seconds of talking to the lady over the phone was just asked for my e-mail address so she could e-mail me the slip I needed at no cost. Of course it didn’t end there the lady accidentally forgot to add my original issue date so I had to call back and wait for another twenty minutes for her to do that.

Moral of the story…. If you are going to make an agreement between to states, countries, whatever make sure that you are both on the same page about what information is actually needed and for goodness-sake please use the same terminology! All of this could have been avoided if it was made more clear about the appropriate steps needed to be taken and I would have had my driver’s license two weeks ago.


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