Where Has My Brain Gone?

Lately I feel like I have no brain cells left at all; I am forgetting everything!! Just like this cartoon….pregnancy brainI’m not even exaggerating that literally could be me up there. It’s like I have just lost all of my common sense and anything that you want me to remember, forget about it! I can hardly remember what day of the week it is let alone if I remembered to wash my work clothes this week.   Here is just a small sample of some of the silly things I have done lately…

  1. Called surveillance at work twice when one of those calls was meant for security. (Fortunately they just laughed at me)
  2. “Locked” myself into the bathroom at home. (So we are not a locking the bathroom door type of family so when I went to open the door and it wouldn’t open I kind of freaked out for a minute and then realized I had just accidentally hit the lock button in)
  3. Forgot to charge my phone and kindle more then once this week.
  4. Drove past the street I need to turn on (thank goodness my mom was with me and asked what I was doing or who knows where I would have ended up)
  5. Not remembering the name of an object so I try hard to describe it show Sean understands what I am trying to say. (He finds this hilarious)

Pregnancy brain is not a medically proven condition but I think any pregnant women or family member of  a pregnant women would tell you its oh so real. Part of it could be due to the larger amounts of estrogen and progesterone plus the higher volume of blood flow all women experience during their pregnancy. Whatever the reason it can be both hilarious and very frustrating to experience. Here are some of my favorite pregnancy brain stories…

“I forgot how to drive home! I had to call my husband and ask for the address”

“Went to renew my license before it expired. Stood in line and all and when I got to the counter was informed my license didn’t expire for another two years”

“I poured cooking wine on my daughter’s lucky charms”

“I wrapped my car keys as a Christmas gift”

“Took the cookie sheet out of the oven with no pot holder”

“Went to feed the dog and poured her a bowl of special k instead of dog food”

So you see its a real thing for so many of us. All I want to know is when will I get my brain back?






2 thoughts on “Where Has My Brain Gone?

  1. I guess we’re all not alone in our baby brain stories! I put my dishwashing liquid into the fridge this week… Just revel in the fact that people are more understanding. 😛

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