5/52 Lists at Age 26


gratefulSean // My Parents // Val // My adorable nephews // My soon to be niece // Seeing Tristan born Growing up with my Grandpa Harriman’s influence // Reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin // Having all my 5 senses // Traveling to Mexico the summer after my senior year in high school // The lessons learned from past relationships // My grandparents all living a long and full life // My health // That my whole family was there when Grandpa H passed away // Having the ability to live in either Canada or the U.S. // Having a roof over my head and food on my table every day // Being blessed with the little one growing inside me // That I have seen very little divorce in my entire family // Learning the lesson of patience // That I tend to be optimistic about life // That I can feel other peoples emotions // Staying in the same school system my entire childhood // Growing up in a small town // My love of reading // Being able to stare up at the stars // Growing up knowing there is a God who loves us // Never been through a huge natural disaster // Being able to go to my Grandparents lake house while growing up // Clean sheets // Excedrin for my migraines // That I have never tried a drug in my life // Being able to capture memories // Having grown up with the best dog and cat anyone could ever ask for and that they both passed away at a very old age // Changing of the seasons // Lazy days // Rain // The quiet of mornings // Life 


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