Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday morningsThere may be too much TMI on this post so I apologize in advance!!

Sean and I had this great plan to go to ICBC and get my driver’s license today before I went off to work. When we got there I wasn’t feeling too hot and they didn’t have a washroom in the building (Seriously who doesn’t have a washroom available in a place where people wait around for hours!?!?!) so I walked across to the DQ; really no big deal until I found out I couldn’t use their washroom unless I bought something from them. Hello pregnant women needing to use a washroom should get a free pass!!!

Once I got back to ICBC, smoothie in my hands’our numbers still hadn’t been called. Sean had found a seat and made me sit down even though I didn’t really feel like it. There a certain times when he gets all protective over me and apparently sitting down is one of them. Maybe five minutes into waiting and only one number away from being called I felt sick to my stomach again. I didn’t know what to do. Sean told me not to risk it so I had to run back to DQ (thank goodness they didn’t make me buy something again). By the time I finally felt safe enough to leave Sean was waiting outside without my smoothie. We decided that I should just come back another day and not risk missing my number again and by this point I just agreed. When I asked about my smoothie he told me he had about half of it and then got a brain freeze and threw it away. WHAT!?!?! I didn’t say a word to him but I really wanted another sip or two of that silly thing. Men just don’t understand pregnant women sometimes!!

Needless to say I wasted our Saturday morning and felt horrible for the remainder of the day. We have decided; we just thing that its more round ligament pains because I am most definitely showing now. I laid on the couch all day until I had to go to work. What a way to spend a Saturday!



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