I’m Having One Of Those Weeks

I am going to apologize in advance if I tend to be a little absent for a week or two. For some reason I am just not in the blogging mood. I have nothing clever to say and I don’t really want to just post something because its the “right” thing to do.

I have some great thoughts for posts that I will slowly be writing over the course of these upcoming weeks. They are the type of posts that take more then a quick hour to write out and so I have decided with the way I have been feeling this past week spending some time on some more in-depth posts where I can take me time to write them is the right choice for me.

Here is whats to come in September…

  • Post about how amazing Sean is
  • Post about finding out the sex of our little one (We find out September 4)
  • Post about the long journey my bff has taken in trying to get pregnant
  • Summer reading reivew wrap up
  • Fall reading list

On Sunday Sean and I are planning on going into Vancouver and going to the PNE so hopefully I will have a fun-filled post to share with you about that sometime next week. Until then I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!


6/52 Lists at Age 26


love_people1Give hugs // Give without expecting anything in return // Give compliments // Smile // Apologize // Send thank you letters //  listen intently // Accept others differences // Be kind even when others are rude // Give a handmade gift // Listen // Pray for others // Call someone when I start thinking about them // Make breakfast for Sean one morning a week // Hold open doors // Be patient 

Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday morningsMoving to a different Country sounds fun and exciting right!?! Well not if you are trying to transfer your drivers license. I have spent the past two weeks trying to get everything sorted out between ICBC (British Columbia’s insurance and driver’s license place) and the WA DOL (Washington States Department of Licensing) and all because the two departments are calling the same piece of paper two different things!

B.C. and WA state have this agreement between them that all you need in order to get your driver’s license is a paper stating your driving record. B.C. calls this piece of paper your driving abstract; WA calls it driving transfer (they also have a driving abstract that you can get, this is the wrong thing).

So my first attempt going to ICBC was a no go because of my health. (You can read about that here Saturday Morning Ramblings 8/4) Then I went again that following Thursday only to be told (after waiting for a half hour) that the $13 abstract record I brought was not the right paperwork. You have got to be kidding me!?! The lady at the counter told me that you could get it online and it would only cost me $13 more dollars.

Needless to say I didn’t trust that I would be able to get the right paperwork to print online. On Monday I drove down to the DOL (it was my day off and everything) only to find out that it was closed on Monday’s!!!! Seriously will anything go right for me with this?!?!? I then came back down Tuesday and waited for over an hour and a half only to walk up to the counter and get told that what I need wasn’t anything they could print off for me there. She handed me a slip of paper with the head office number on it and was directed to call them.

Obviously by this time I am getting pretty fed up with all this mess. I call the number get put on hold for twenty minutes and then within two seconds of talking to the lady over the phone was just asked for my e-mail address so she could e-mail me the slip I needed at no cost. Of course it didn’t end there the lady accidentally forgot to add my original issue date so I had to call back and wait for another twenty minutes for her to do that.

Moral of the story…. If you are going to make an agreement between to states, countries, whatever make sure that you are both on the same page about what information is actually needed and for goodness-sake please use the same terminology! All of this could have been avoided if it was made more clear about the appropriate steps needed to be taken and I would have had my driver’s license two weeks ago.

Nursery Bedding

I am determined to make most of the nursery bedding for our little one coming in January. Not so much because of cost but more just so that I can personalize the room and make it special for him/her. Obviously since its not September 4th yet I still don’t know what colors will actually be included (I just want to know so badly!!!!) but I have narrowed it down to a couple options.

  1. If its a boy the colors will be like this…boy room
  2. If its a girl its going to be more like this…girl room

Once we have found out what our little on is going to be I will be making single posts on every item that we (my mom and I) end up making just for a little fun peek-a-boo to the nursery without showing it off all at once.

The plan is to make everything except the sheets themselves by hand. I am so excited to get started on this project. I also plan on making all the wall decor with some sort of personal touch on every piece Sean and I decide to put up.



Where Has My Brain Gone?

Lately I feel like I have no brain cells left at all; I am forgetting everything!! Just like this cartoon….pregnancy brainI’m not even exaggerating that literally could be me up there. It’s like I have just lost all of my common sense and anything that you want me to remember, forget about it! I can hardly remember what day of the week it is let alone if I remembered to wash my work clothes this week.   Here is just a small sample of some of the silly things I have done lately…

  1. Called surveillance at work twice when one of those calls was meant for security. (Fortunately they just laughed at me)
  2. “Locked” myself into the bathroom at home. (So we are not a locking the bathroom door type of family so when I went to open the door and it wouldn’t open I kind of freaked out for a minute and then realized I had just accidentally hit the lock button in)
  3. Forgot to charge my phone and kindle more then once this week.
  4. Drove past the street I need to turn on (thank goodness my mom was with me and asked what I was doing or who knows where I would have ended up)
  5. Not remembering the name of an object so I try hard to describe it show Sean understands what I am trying to say. (He finds this hilarious)

Pregnancy brain is not a medically proven condition but I think any pregnant women or family member of  a pregnant women would tell you its oh so real. Part of it could be due to the larger amounts of estrogen and progesterone plus the higher volume of blood flow all women experience during their pregnancy. Whatever the reason it can be both hilarious and very frustrating to experience. Here are some of my favorite pregnancy brain stories…

“I forgot how to drive home! I had to call my husband and ask for the address”

“Went to renew my license before it expired. Stood in line and all and when I got to the counter was informed my license didn’t expire for another two years”

“I poured cooking wine on my daughter’s lucky charms”

“I wrapped my car keys as a Christmas gift”

“Took the cookie sheet out of the oven with no pot holder”

“Went to feed the dog and poured her a bowl of special k instead of dog food”

So you see its a real thing for so many of us. All I want to know is when will I get my brain back?





5/52 Lists at Age 26


gratefulSean // My Parents // Val // My adorable nephews // My soon to be niece // Seeing Tristan born Growing up with my Grandpa Harriman’s influence // Reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin // Having all my 5 senses // Traveling to Mexico the summer after my senior year in high school // The lessons learned from past relationships // My grandparents all living a long and full life // My health // That my whole family was there when Grandpa H passed away // Having the ability to live in either Canada or the U.S. // Having a roof over my head and food on my table every day // Being blessed with the little one growing inside me // That I have seen very little divorce in my entire family // Learning the lesson of patience // That I tend to be optimistic about life // That I can feel other peoples emotions // Staying in the same school system my entire childhood // Growing up in a small town // My love of reading // Being able to stare up at the stars // Growing up knowing there is a God who loves us // Never been through a huge natural disaster // Being able to go to my Grandparents lake house while growing up // Clean sheets // Excedrin for my migraines // That I have never tried a drug in my life // Being able to capture memories // Having grown up with the best dog and cat anyone could ever ask for and that they both passed away at a very old age // Changing of the seasons // Lazy days // Rain // The quiet of mornings // Life 

Easy Like Sunday Morning

sundayHappy Sunday everyone… This week it’s all about elephants. I plan on making little ones nursery mostly elephant themed no matter the sex (which we find out in 4 more weeks!!!). There is just something so precious about these amazing animals and that’s why they are one of my favorites!