Eating Better Starts NOW!

Hi ya’ll!! Okay so I am not from the south obviously but I have always wanted to say that on a post.

I am officially now in my 2nd trimester and its time to start working on eating better for not only my health but the babies health. No idea how I managed to make it this far along without realizing how horrible I have been with food. Now I am not talking like off the scales I can’t believe you would eat that with a baby inside you or anything. It’s more like I am making poor choices when I could so easily choose to use another food which would be oh so much better for me.healthy foods

My goal is simple substitute healthier food options at first until I get use to eating this way and then I am sure it will just become a habit. Bonus to all of this will be Sean will have to eat my healthier options as well and not that he needs it but lets face it healthier is healthier!!

10mintNow that I am not exhausted all the time (though I am still going through days where all I want to do is sleep) my second goal is to start working out more and more. I know I am going to have to start small and work my way up; it’s been almost four months since I have had a decent workout. So for now its going to be a twenty minute walk or 20-30 minutes of a DVD. Once I think I have built up my tolerance I will add more time to both until I reach a good hour of working out five times a week!

Between these two goals it should set me up to be in a much better situation for the healthy pregnancy I am wanting and of course all of that will help the baby!!


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