Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday mornings

The day has finally come!!! I can hardly believe it; it feels like its been forever since Sean and I ordered it. Wait no more though because our new couch arrives this afternoon!! After searing through about six different furniture stores we finally found the one couch we both liked and thought would be perfect for us. My wish list included only one thing… It had to have a chaise lounge part to it; Sean just wanted something that would make it able for him to lay down on without his feet dangling over the edge (being 6’2 that becomes a bit of a challenge for him at times).  The other great thing about getting our couch finally is that we can finish decorating the living room. We have had our pictures waiting to be hung up since we moved in at the beginning of this month and I feel bad for them sitting on the floor not being admired.

I am nervous for tomorrow as well. It is bridal shower day for my bff Terra and I am co-hosting it with her other bridesmaid Ellie. I love Ellie she is such a sweetheart and is taking on the entire food portion of this shower (Making her own veggie tray and everything) which is such a blessing because I couldn’t have done this one my own. The nervousness comes from the lack of rsvp’s I received about who would be coming; I am hoping that they are coming they just chose not to call and let me know. Otherwise her poor shower is only going to have 5 people plus the bride herself. Guess there is no use in worrying about it, I will know the results tomorrow when one o’clock rolls around.


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