Our Story!

DSC01511 DSC01504 DSC01495 DSC01476Its so hard to imagine that it has only been four months that Sean and I have known each other; it feels like he has been part of my life for years. Looking at our very fast pace dating history you might now be one to jump on board with the way our relationship is but everyone is allowed their opinions so I wont judge you. PROMISE!

Meeting him was one of those oops I didn’t mean to hit that button on my computer. I enrolled to a dating site called match.com and when you finish reading something someone has sent to you a profile they think you would like pops up afterwards and that’s when I accidentally hit the wink button. Only it was the best accident I have every done. Once I realized what I had done I looked at his profile and was actually really intrigued. He sent me a message saying thanks for the wink tell me a little about yourself and as the saying goes the rest was history. Within a week I knew he would turn out to be “The One”. We learned more about one another in a week in a half then most couples learn about each other in an entire year. We asked every question in the book and our similarities were amazing yet not to matched that it would drive one another crazy.

After a week or so of messaging back and forth we finally had our first date! We chose Boston Pizza and all I can remember is getting there early and seeing him get out of his pickup. The first thought that came to mind was OMG he is way hotter then I originally thought. (Okay so my first thought might actually have been crap your tall he is after all 6’2) We then went for a pleasant stroll around Aldergrove park where Sean did a great job of getting us lost and we ended up almost getting attacked by running horses. (lesson #1 don’t let Sean read directions)

One thing has lead to another and we found out pretty fast that we truly enjoyed each other’s company. Talk of moving in together happened fairly fast and then the curve ball came. Sean and I have been talking since mid March and on May 17 I found out that I was pregnant. I thought telling him was going to be one of the scariest things I would ever have to do but instead after the initial shock wore off he wrapped me in his arms and told me he loved me for the first time.

Our relationship has moved fast but I think once you found that special guy time doesn’t really matter too much. We are now living together in a cute little basement suit in Surrey which will hold our precious little one due in January just perfect.  I honestly don’t think my life could get any better even if I tried.

I always knew one day the right guy would come along I just never imagined it would be a nice 6’2 blue eyed Canadian!


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