1st Trimester Love

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and being as this is my first time experiencing this magical time of life I am constantly coming across things and products that just make life so much better! Here are my 1st Trimester Loves…

snoogle1. My snoogle pillow! This thing is a life saver. I can’t sleep with my legs touching anymore so Sean went out and bought me the snoogle. Within the first night of using it I was able to sleep through the entire night. I tend to sleep with it like the bottom demonstrates!

images (2) 300

   Momma Mio Products! I knew from the start that I would have start using some sort of stretch mark cream and was originally going to use bio-oil. Then Sean read something on the internet about it not truly working so well. That’s when I came across Momma Mio products. I was watching the end of my workout dvd (That’s coming up next) when this commercial for it came on about how amazing these products were. I did a little online research and decided to give it a shot. I will for warn you they are a little on the expensive side but personally I love them. The first one is an oil rub you use from your neck to your pelvic area. Then you place the tummy rub on your tummy and side to reduce the severity of getting stretch marks. My favorite part is the product called boob tube; you use it from you neck to just below your bust line. It’s meant to keep your girls from getting too many stretch marks and helps keep them firm and lifted. The bonus product is for your legs and feet when they start to swell. I haven’t need to use this too much yet but I definitely have felt the cooling effect it has.

I have been using the product since week 6 or so and I am only half way through my bottle which I honestly thought would be gone by now. So all in all I am very impressed and would recommend for any expectant mother. My only caution is that there is a bit of a minty smell to it so if your are really nauseous this might not be as appealing to you.


3. Tracy Anderson The Pregnancy Project! I am not that active of a person. I could have probably stood to have lost around 15 pounds or so before getting pregnant. That being said I knew I wanted to do something to try and stay as healthy as possible for this little life growing inside of me. That’s where The Pregnancy Project comes into effect. The workouts are broken down into months so each month there is something new to look forward to (This helps with the boredom of doing one workout all the time). What I enjoy about this collection is that each workout is around 45 mins long and Tracy states right on there not to do a complete workout if you don’t feel like it that day. The other bonus I enjoy is that she is actually pregnant while filming this. Making it more realistic to ladies like me who would otherwise be shouting “Shut up your not actually carrying a baby inside of you” LOL

4. Maxi Dresses! Honestly when you are starting to show a little but know by the end of summer you still probably wont be in maternity clothes just yet maxi dresses are the way to go!

images (3)So that’s my fun little list for this trimester. I am sure there are so many more things I could add but I think these round it out nicely. I am very excited to be introduced to my 2nd trimester on Tuesday but for now I am just going to enjoy my last week in the 1st!


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