3/52 Lists At Age 26

blog.wk3images (5)I graduated with honors // I am compassionate // I have learned to not be jealous of others // I can scrapbook my memories // I have dealt with loss // I am patient // I have never done an illegal drug // Desire to better myself constantly // My manners // I have had kidney stones and survived // I have made life (with the help of the good lord and Sean of course) // I have a good sense of humor // Love of reading // I have dual citizenship // Moved to a different Country (okay so its only Canada but still) // Respectful // Loyal // Ability to not spend money when needed // Being in a healthy & loving relationship // Being happy for others // Growing up in Washington State


Cute Photography Sunday

Sunday’s are the one day a week Sean and I have off together so chances are you will not see a lot of me on these days but I still wanted to post something simple so I came up with Cute Photography Sunday. These are not my photos (Well at least not this weeks) but they still put a smile on my face when I see them.cute 5 cute 1 cute 2 cute 3 cute 4

 I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!!

Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday morningsEver notice when you can’t seem to just do one thing at a time? Instead you are multitasking no matter how small or big there doesn’t seem to be too many times during the day when multitasking doesn’t come into effect. I came to this realization today while I was on my way to work listening to my new audiobook I borrowed from the Library to be played on my kindle (I am too cheap to pay for books when you can just get them for free). I am loving the book but its funny because I am also reading a book too! Now obviously I don’t read one book while listening to the other (That would be some great multitasking skills); but I am still having to remember the two stories in my head so I don’t mix them up. Good news they are so complexly different from each other its not too hard of a task to do.

wildWild is the book I am actually reading. It took me hours to finally decide what my first book would be to read on my new Kindle Fire (birthday present from Sean). My mom gave me her library card number so that I could check out a book through one of their ebook sources without actually having to pay for it. There are good and bad things about this. GOOD I don’t have to pay for a book obviously… Also its a great way to download a book and then be able to give it back and clear up the space it took up on my kindle. I have no idea how much space is actually available on it; but I like it when I can unclutter things. BAD the library does not have most of the books on my goodreads list so I had a heck of a time (like how I didn’t swear there I am getting better with that for the baby) finding a book I was interested in actually trying to read. That’s where my audiobook came into play….room

I have been wanting to read this book for a long time now but I haven’t really had the time (okay that’s a lie I haven’t made the time and have been trying to save money which is another reason the library card is good). It was the first book I searched for but all that was available was the audiobook for of it. I decided to borrow it anyways. Room if you haven’t already read it is about a mother and her son who have been locked into a room since the mom was 19 years old. The whole story is told in the eyes of the 5 year old little boy Jack. I am about 1/3 of the way through (I have a really long drive to work) and I am so so happy that I got this book on audio instead of actually reading it myself. It is so much more animated that way and the way its written is by the boy calling everything just as it is… He doesn’t use the word “the” in front of whatever object he is talking about, just whatever the object is like duvet or rug.

Okay so back to the point I am now currently embarrassing my multitasking ways and I do believe that I will keep reading and listening to two books at a time from now on!!

P.S. I will have my actual book reviews out on these books when I finish as to why I haven’t told you much about them.

Eating Better Starts NOW!

Hi ya’ll!! Okay so I am not from the south obviously but I have always wanted to say that on a post.

I am officially now in my 2nd trimester and its time to start working on eating better for not only my health but the babies health. No idea how I managed to make it this far along without realizing how horrible I have been with food. Now I am not talking like off the scales I can’t believe you would eat that with a baby inside you or anything. It’s more like I am making poor choices when I could so easily choose to use another food which would be oh so much better for me.healthy foods

My goal is simple substitute healthier food options at first until I get use to eating this way and then I am sure it will just become a habit. Bonus to all of this will be Sean will have to eat my healthier options as well and not that he needs it but lets face it healthier is healthier!!

10mintNow that I am not exhausted all the time (though I am still going through days where all I want to do is sleep) my second goal is to start working out more and more. I know I am going to have to start small and work my way up; it’s been almost four months since I have had a decent workout. So for now its going to be a twenty minute walk or 20-30 minutes of a DVD. Once I think I have built up my tolerance I will add more time to both until I reach a good hour of working out five times a week!

Between these two goals it should set me up to be in a much better situation for the healthy pregnancy I am wanting and of course all of that will help the baby!!

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

Hello there 2nd trimester; I’ve been told that this is the golden phase where there isn’t much sickness (though really I hardly got sick last trimester either) and I get my energy back. I personally was waiting for you to come just because it means the chances of having a miscarriage now are so so much lower! Through these last couple weeks of July until mid October I hope to have started training myself on cloth diapers, having a nursery room set up instead of it being a storage closet and of course the biggest thing… Have thrown a reveal party to find out what this little one inside of me is! There is so much more to come with this pregnancy and I am looking forward to experiencing every minute of it. Until then I thought it would be fun to look back at how the 1st trimester treated me…

week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Bump Week 8 20130617_115112-1 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13

2/52 Weekly Lists At Age 26



Listening to a crackling fire // Soaking in a hot bubble bath // Listening to my softer music // Chocolate chip cookie dough // Cheese soup // That moment when you first wake up // Sweaters // Green bean Casserole // Watching the snow fall // Long driving trips alone // Chapstick //  The smell of Sean whenever he is close // Being cuddled up in a blanket // Listening to the rain // Driving with the windows down // Glass of wine // Candlelight after the power goes out // The smell of flowers while on our evening walks // Pumpkin Spice Latte // Stargazing // Placing my hand on my belly (Being pregnant at the moment and everything) // Looking at Christmas lights // Wearing boots // Clean sheets // The smell of Autumn put into a candle // Pasta // Long hugs from Sean

Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday mornings

The day has finally come!!! I can hardly believe it; it feels like its been forever since Sean and I ordered it. Wait no more though because our new couch arrives this afternoon!! After searing through about six different furniture stores we finally found the one couch we both liked and thought would be perfect for us. My wish list included only one thing… It had to have a chaise lounge part to it; Sean just wanted something that would make it able for him to lay down on without his feet dangling over the edge (being 6’2 that becomes a bit of a challenge for him at times).  The other great thing about getting our couch finally is that we can finish decorating the living room. We have had our pictures waiting to be hung up since we moved in at the beginning of this month and I feel bad for them sitting on the floor not being admired.

I am nervous for tomorrow as well. It is bridal shower day for my bff Terra and I am co-hosting it with her other bridesmaid Ellie. I love Ellie she is such a sweetheart and is taking on the entire food portion of this shower (Making her own veggie tray and everything) which is such a blessing because I couldn’t have done this one my own. The nervousness comes from the lack of rsvp’s I received about who would be coming; I am hoping that they are coming they just chose not to call and let me know. Otherwise her poor shower is only going to have 5 people plus the bride herself. Guess there is no use in worrying about it, I will know the results tomorrow when one o’clock rolls around.